We appeal to businesses that need to have a high prediction accuracy for temperature at 2m for wind at 2m and at 100m height and the local waves. We have developed an innovative method of forecasting based on elaborating the observations of weather and numerical models of prediction .We give you highly accurate forecasts on the above parameters from the next hour to 72 hours and highly accurate forecasts for a week.

Whom it concerns:
-Businesses Wind farms
-Businesses Energy such as gas, electricity etc.
-Businesses that they are interested in local wave forecast accuracy as water sports, marinas, hotels, etc.
-Businesses building projects and infrastructure
-Businesses Retail

Generally any businesses who want to forecast accuracy the above parameters.

We examined each case separately and whether there are conditions for the development of prediction method and construct a prediction model for the customer. We continually follow the prediction model that we built for him and we inform him for all parameters.
The renewal of the forecasts is made twice a day. Specific information is provided in consultation with the client's requirements if any variable pass the alarm limit.

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